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The Yanshufim
Playback ensemble

Improvisational theater in which the actors preform
on the spot stories that the audience shares.

About us

The Yanshufim ensemble is a playback improvisational theater troupe. During the performance actors listen to real life stories shared by the audience and perform an impromptu interpretation.
Each story is presented in a unique and creative form, finding the universal in the personal while staying respectful to the story’s narrative.

The Yanshufim ensemble members are Israelis that live and work in the bay-area. While they have diverse backgrounds, they share experience in theater, improvisation and playback, and are involved in the local community.
Neta Lachish, the founder of the ensemble, is a professional playback theater actress. She was one of the founders of “Kartoshkes” ensemble in Israel, and has vast experience in conducting playback events for communities and organizations.  


Addison-Penzak JCC Silicon Valley, 14855 Oka Rd, Los Gatos 8 PM2019-04-03
open playback
Palo Alto 8 PM2019-03-03
private event
Oshman Family JCC -  Arrillaga Family Pavilion, First Floor, 8 PM2019-02-03
Beged Kefet playback event
Oshman Family JCC -  Arrillaga Family Pavilion, First Floor, 8 PM2018-12-16
open playback
PJCC -  Foster city 800 Foster City BLV8 PM2018-08-24
open playback
PJCC - Foster city 800 Foster City BLV8 PM
2018-06-29open playback
PJCC - Foster city 800 Foster City BLV8 PM2018-06-22open playback
15254 Clydelle Ave, San Jose, CA 951249 PM2018-06-09open playback


"Within minutes the actors took on different roles, and the story materialized into a play... moments of life became before my amazed eyes something magical"

"Four actors brought up the story of our first through different monologues and converted it into a series of images that reflected my life story in a personal and meaningful way, while making it an artistic, aesthetic and universal experience.
Needless to say, I was amazed. "

The Yanshufim - Silicon Valley's playback ensenble 
translated from "BaInyanim: the Israeli community site in Silicon Valley"
24 August 2018 


Hire us

Neta Lachis  650-931-5034