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The Yanshufim
Playback ensemble

Improvisational theater in which the actors enact
on the spot stories that the audience share.

About us

The Yanshufim ensemble is a playback improvisational theater troupe. During the performance actors listen to real life stories shared by the audience and perform impromptu to the audience.
Each story is presented in a unique and creative form, finding the universal in the personal while staying respectful with the story’s narrative.

The Yanshufim ensemble members are Israelis that live and work in the bay-area with diverse backgrounds that share experience in theater, improvisation and playback, and are involved in the local community.
Neta Lachish, the founder of the ensemble, is a professional playback theater actress, was one of the founders of “Kartoshkes” ensemble in Isreal, and with vast experience in conducting playback events for communities and organization.  


Addison-Penzak JCC Silicon Valley, 14855 Oka Rd, Los Gatos 8 PM2019-04-03
open playback
Palo Alto 8 PM2019-03-03
private event
Oshman Family JCC -  Arrillaga Family Pavilion, First Floor, 8 PM2019-02-03
Beged Kefet playback event
Oshman Family JCC -  Arrillaga Family Pavilion, First Floor, 8 PM2018-12-16
open playback
PJCC -  Foster city 800 Foster City BLV8 PM2018-08-24
open playback
PJCC - Foster city 800 Foster City BLV8 PM
2018-06-29open playback
PJCC - Foster city 800 Foster City BLV8 PM2018-06-22open playback
15254 Clydelle Ave, San Jose, CA 951249 PM2018-06-09open playback


"Within minutes, various actors began to play the different roles, and the story suddenly became a play... moments of life became before my amazed eyes theatrical moments of magic"

"Four actors brought up our mythological date through four different monologues and turned it into an array of sites that directly reflected my life story in a personal and meaningful way, and on the other hand, made it an artistic, aesthetic and universal experience.
Needless to say, I came out amazed. "

The Yanshufim - Silicon Valley's playback ensenble 
translated from "BaInyanim: the Israeli community site in Silicon Valley"
24 August 2018 


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Neta Lachis  650-931-5034